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Win 1 week of surfing with SuddenRush at Cap Ferret inlcuding a flight with Helvetic Airways!

Until April 14th, you can register here and with a bit of luck, you can win a week of surfing at Cap Ferret including a return flight to Bordeaux!

The procedure is extremely simple, just register here and who knows - you might be surfing French beachbreaks very soon!


THE WAVE BEA Banner v4

The first artificial standing wave in Switzerland will be here very soon!

From April 25th to May 4th YOU can surf THE WAVE at the BEActive zone of the BEA in Bern! The SSA will be present at the BEA and several events will be organized (see program below and here). More infos about THE WAVE can be found on

Generally: from 11:00 to 18:00 Public surfing for BEA visitors

Special events:

Friday, 25. April 2014: 14:00: Opening of the wave with Iouri Podladtchikov and Tanja Frieden

Saturday, 26. April 2014: 16:00-18:00: Surf Fun Contest

Saturday, 3. Mai 2014: Night Surf Session and Open-Air Party

Sunday, 4. Mai 2014: 11:00-18:00: Swiss Surfing Association Surf Competition

Swiss Surfing Championships 2013

SSC2013 Results rhs


SSA on Facebook


isa juniors 2014

Swiss Champion Luca Carlisle and standout surfer Michi Zaugg are competing at the ISA World Junior Surfing Championships in Ecuado! Check out the website and the Facebook page. Good luck to our juniors!

Ocean Film Tour 2014

The International Ocean Film Tour is coming to Switzerland soon!
Adventure, surfing, sailing, kitesurfing, marine life documentaries - all in one evening!

Thursday 10. April 2014 - Zürich - Volkshaus - 20:30 - Get your ticket now!

Flusswelle Flyer def-bild   Verein Flusswelle Luzern - Take Off Meeting

We wish the 'Verein Flusswelle Luzern' (Facebook group) all the best for their project and fully support their endeavour to create a standing wave in Luzern!


When: 20. February 2014, 19:30-21:00

Where: La Fourmi, Lucerne


Here you find a description of their project (German only).


The Swiss Surfing Association is the head organisation for all local surfing associations in Switzerland. So far, there was no such local association but now, the Romands are making an important step and want to found the first local Swiss surfing association!

The SSA fully supports this endeavour! Find out more about this project on their Facebook Group.

If by March 1st 2014, no other association claims to be the Romandie's surfing association, the SSA will recognize the 'Association Romande de Surf' as the official association of the french speaking part of Switzerland and all their members will also be members of the SSA. Good luck! 

UPDATE: no other association claimed to be the Romandie's surfing association and therefore the SSA officially recognizes the 'Association Romande de Surf'.

Surf Movies in Switzerland

I wanna surf
(Facebook group | Website)

26.03. Zürich (RiffRaff)
27.03. Luzern (Bourbaki)
28.03. Zürich (RiffRaff)
29.03. Zürich (RiffRaff)
30.03. Zürich (RiffRaff)

Ocean Film Tour
10.04.2014, 20:00,
Volkshaus, Zürich

Blue Surf Film NightNorthoftheSunI-WANNA-SURFOcean Film Tour 2014

Martin Müller - Holiday with a purpose   Holidays with a Purpose

Holidays with a purpose is something more than just a cool surf holiday. Its a holiday combined with giving something back to some of the poorest people on earth.
We come from one of the richest countries in the world. With very little effort we could give something back to the poorest of the poor.
This is why i started this project. As surfers we often travel to some of these 3rd world nations, we surf, we mingle, we have a great holiday and then leave again to the comforts of the west!
This year I have had 3 successful projects. The 1st one was in April of this year in Pichilemu, Chile. Where the idea is to build housing for the poor living along the coast who have lost their homes to earthquakes and small tsunamis, which hit after the earthquakes destroying hundreds of houses along the very long coastline.

Holiday with a purpose Holiday with a purpose Holiday with a purpose
Holiday with a purpose Holiday with a purpose Holiday with a purpose
Holiday with a purpose Holiday with a purpose Holiday with a purpose


The second project we did was in the "Golden Triangle" which is north Thailand bordering with Burma and Laos. An area where still today poppies are farmed and this region produces the 2nd largest amount of heroin for the modern world market. In these jungle mountain regions there are small villages. They are the Akah people group and they are not considered as Thai or Burmese citizens and therefore do not get an education or medical treatment. The children get misused and are sold for prostitution and different forms of slavery!! We went into this very dangerous region and we saw 100s of children for dental treatment. Brought vaccinations and medicine to these remote jungle villages! What an awesome and at times scary experience.
The last project was just a week ago in Sumbawa in the area of Huu (or Lakey Peak) as most surfers would know. I worked together with Carlos from Harapan Project who takes care of all the kids in this region. Who many times sacrifice going home or schooling for the surf. For these little kids want to become professional surfers like Oney Anwar who is one of the best surfer from indo. Comes from Lakey Peak, sponsored by Ripcurl and is a professional surfer living on the Gold Coast. A dream for these kids, but for most not realistic..!! So we brought them leashes, fins, wet-shirts and board shorts along with medicine. Sponsored by the charity work of Forceline surfboards.
So all in all it has been a very successful year and a great start for "holidayswithapurpose" check it out on Facebook.

We have great plans for 2014. We are going back to Sumbawa in spring of 2014. And we will go to Rio de Janeiro Brazil where we will teach kids from the different favellas to surf, and again support them with surf equipment and surfboards sponsored by Forceline Surboards and Christian Surfers Switzerland.

If you want to get involved please contact Martin Müller, Nicolas Glaser, Eric Zbären or Daniel Paez.

Holiday with a purpose Holiday with a purpose Holiday with a purpose
Holiday with a purpose Holiday with a purpose Holiday with a purpose
Holiday with a purpose Holiday with a purpose Holiday with a purpose

Holiday with a purpose Holiday with a purpose Holiday with a purpose
Holiday with a purpose Holiday with a purpose Holiday with a purpose
Holiday with a purpose Holiday with a purpose Holiday with a purpose

pressetext flyerdetail has been successful for more than 8 years and brings high-quality surf gear at affordable prices to Zürich city. Now is expanding and will open a fashion store very close to the original surfshop! Don't miss the opening party this Friday, November 8th! The event will take place at Kasernenstr. 1 in Zürich (near Stauffacher) from 16-22h and afterwards, the party crowd will head to the Amboss Rampe! See you there!

Newsletter Header


- Swiss Surfing Championships 2013 (RESULTS and GALLERY)

- New members of the board

- Member Goodies 2013

- New Ressort ‘Riversurfing/Artificial Waves‘: Bringing the surf to Switzerland!

=> Read the latest SSA newsletter HERE!


 SSC Winners LadiesLuca Carlisle - Open Division WinnerSSC Winners Open

SSC 2013 Winners resize


After two days of intense competition, the new Swiss Surfing Champions are crowned!
Congratulations to Rachel Mead and Luca Carlisle!

Check out the full RESULTS and the GALLERY and there's even a little MOVIE.

Blue Surf Film Nacht Tour   Blue Surf Film Nacht Tour

Das Blue Surf & Travel Magazine veranstaltet gemeinsam mit Sudden Rush und Doodah die Surf Film Nacht Tour durch die Schweiz! In Bern, Zürich, Luzern und Basel könnt in einem Best-Of folgende Surffilme auf der Grossleinwand bestaunen:

Zürich und Luzern:
RIO BREAKS (BRA 2010, R: Justin Mitchell, 85 min.) porträtiert den Alltag einer Gang von Teenagern, die zwischen ihrer abgefuckten Favela und den Traumstränden Rio de Janeiros pendeln und von einer Karriere als Surf-Profi träumen – obwohl die Ghetto-Realität eigentlich eine Laufbahn als Gangster für sie vorsieht.

Bern und Basel:
GAUCHOS DEL MAR – Surfeando El Pacifico Americano
(ARG 2012/ 60 Min./ Regie: Julian & Joaquin Azulay)
Zwei Brüder, ein Kontinent, ein Traum: Julian und Joaquin, zwei argentinische Surfer Mitte Zwanzig, starten mit 1500 $ und einem Jeep voller Surfboards in Los Angeles, um die gesamte Pazifik-Küste auf der Suche nach guten Wellen, spannenden Menschen, wilden Tieren und atemberaubender Kultur entlang zu cruisen.

(FRA/ BRA/ 26 Min./ Regie: Lee-Ann Curren)
Die Französin Lee-Ann Curren, Tochter von Tom Curren, wollte hinter die Kulissen eines der besten Spots Brasiliens schauen. Zusammen mit ihrem Freund, dem brasilianischen Pro Andre Silva, porträtierte sie die Bewohner des Ortes Titanzinho im Nordosten des Landes, die zwar bettelarm sind, aber durch die enge Beziehung zum Meer trotzdem stolz auf das, was sie haben.

Bern: 9.7. 20.30 Uhr

Zürich: 10.7. 21.15 Uhr

Luzern: 11.7. 20.45 Uhr

Basel: 11.7. 21:00 Uhr

Blue Surf Film Nacht Tour

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